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Come visit 46 High Street, Gillingham.

In store you\'ll find the swap-shop, exhibitions and a place to sit and chat. We host many free events, from bike maintenance and film nights, to coffee mornings and children\'s crafts.

On our website you\'ll find our events schedule, newsletter, plus our contact info.

Keep warm, cut bills and CO2

November 25, 2009

More than 13,000 residents of Chatham and Gillingham live in “fuel poor” households, spending over 10% of their income on heating bills. With energy prices on the rise again and increasing local unemployment, it is a situation that looks set to get worse. Already 17.6% of households in Gillingham are classified as ‘fuel poor’ , one of the worst constituencies in the South East.

People in this situation are often eligible for grants or save-while-you-pay schemes that will drastically cut fuel bills through greater insulation and efficiency. However few people seem to know about the opportunities or get round to applying so the grants go unclaimed.

Tipping Point will work with local people to research grants and schemes available in the area and provide opportunities for people to work together, not only to apply for these grants but to share best practise on keeping warm on a budget this winter while cutting energy use and emissions. We’re also putting together displays and information in the store about cost effective energy saving hints and tips.



Avoid the rain and drop into Tipping Point this week

November 23, 2009

Welcome to another exciting week of events at Tipping Point!

Highlights this week include: Copenhagen Talk on Wedneday and Endangered Animal Mask Making on Saturday

As usual Tipping Point is open from 12-2pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  11-3pm Saturday and events only on Tuesday and Sunday.

Wednesday 25th November
Eco-parents coffee morning 9 -10:30am

We’ll be looking at how we can take the ‘healthy ethical food’ campaign to the hight street

‘How do we make the Copenhagen Climate Talks count?’ 7 for 7.30-9.30pm
A evening of discussion and planning around the upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen this December and the ‘wave’ climate march on December 5th.  An interactive evening of discussion with speakers from the World Development Movement, Campaign against Climate Change, the Camp for Climate Action and Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway.

Thursday 26th November
Film Night 7-9pm.

Featuring: Films about the way Shell has effected communities across the globe

Saturday 28 November
Endangered Animal Mask Making for children 11-1pm
– following on from our highly successful endangered animal sock puppet making we’re moving to masks
– this event is free, for children of all ages and materials will be provided, if you can think of anything special
you’d like to use please bring it along.

Campaign letter writing 1-3pm

Hope to see you soon,

Tipping Point crew


November 21, 2009

Everyone is get excited about the international climate talks being held in Copenhagen in December. Find out why these talks are important and how we can make them count… at 7pm on Wednesday 25th November at 46 High Street, Gillingham.

We’ll have four speakers from the Camp for Climate Action, Campaign Against Climate Change, the World Development Movement and Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway in a round table ‘talking-cafe’ discussion.

The questions we aim to address in this interactive format will be;

  1. What would a fair deal look like.
  2. What can we do locally.
  3. What next after copenhagen.
  4. What are the barriers to change and how can we overcome them.

The meeting will also promote the massive demonstrations planned on the 5th December and organise discounted group travel to London for those wishing to attend. If you like to travel to London and back as a part of a group of local people for the demo on the 5th but can’t make the meeting on the 25th, please let us know so we can include you in the discounted train fare deal.

Another week of free events at Tipping Point!

November 16, 2009

Highlights this week include: Mosaic Making for children on Saturday and a Facilitation Workshop on Sunday.

As usual Tipping Point is open from 12-2pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  11-3pm Saturday and events only on Tuesday and Sunday.

Wednesday 18th November
Eco-parents coffee morning 9 -10:30am

Thursday 19th November
Film Night 7-9pm.

Featuring: We feed the world.  “In WE FEED THE WORLD, Austrian filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer traces the origins of the food we eat. His journey takes him to France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil and back to Austria. Leading us through the film is an interview with Jean Ziegler, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

(On a similar note: Drop into the shop to see the new display about the impact of food production on global warming)

Saturday 21st November
Mosaic Making for Kids “a large collaborative mosaic, themed around “a better future” to be displayed at Tipping Point when finished.
– 11-12.30   Designing
– 1-3pm       Mosaicing

Sunday 22nd November
Bike maintenance
Facilitation Workshop
Have you ever considered chairing or facilitating a meeting? Do you want to learn a bit more about effective meeting participation? This workshop/ skillshare is for everyone whether you want to learn a bit more about active listening or you want to facilitate a meeting of 100 people there’ll be something for everyone.  If you’re interested in coming please email with your name and experience of meetings so we’ve an idea of numbers and experience.

Date for your diary: on Wednesday 25th November from 7-9pm Tipping Point will host a talk on Copenhagen.  With speakers from the World Development Movement, Campaign against Climate Change and local groups its not to be missed!

Welcome to another exciting week of events at Tipping Point!

November 2, 2009

All events below, but of special note this week:

* With controversial Nuclear power looking increasingly likely for our (and our children’s) future, this Tuesday and Thursday we are opening the debate.

* There’s a big climate march in London on 5th December – how can Medway be involved? Planning meeting on Wednesday.

* By popular demand, Cooking Club is starting this Thursday lunchtime.

Tuesday 3rd November

  • Nuclear Power: solution or disaster? 7pm-9pm

Wednesday 4th November

  • Eco-parents coffee morning 9 -10:30am
  • Planning meeting about the big Climate march in London on 5th December which coincides with the crucial Copenhagen climate talks. All welcome; come along to get involved. 7-9:30pm

Thursday 5th November

  • Cooking Club healthy ethical cooking, all welcome 11am-1:30pm
    (please let us know if you intend to come, and any dietary requirements or requests)
  • Films on Nuclear power 7:30pm-9:30pm

Saturday 7th November

  • Recycled crafts for all the family 11am-1pm
  • What’s in the papers? 1:30-3pm

Sunday 8th November

  • Bike maintenance 11am-1pm
  • Direct action discussion/training 3-6pm

Monday 9th November

  • Acoustic music and song session Come to play, listen, or both 8-10pm

Hope to see you soon, Tipping Point crew

COP15 Kent regional forum – 4th Nov

October 30, 2009

Representatives of Governments around the world will be meeting in Copenhagen in December to agree on measures to prevent catastrophic climate change. These talks are crucial and there will be demonstrations around the world to demand that Governments agree measures that will be effective.

Here in the UK there will be a major demonstration in London on Saturday 5th December called by the Stop Climate Chaos coalition. All around the country a wide variety of organisations with an interest in the issue of climate change have been coming together to organise meetings, transport and publicity to build as much support as possible for the 5th December demonstration.

We would like to do the same here in the Medway Towns and will be holding an informal meeting to see what can be done at 7.30pm on Wednesday 4th November at the Tipping Point Shop in Gillingham High St. We would be very pleased if members or representatives of all relevent local groups in Kent would be able to attend.

Welcome to another week at Tipping Point.

October 26, 2009

Daily opening: 12noon-2pm except Sundays and Tuesdays.

We will be doing recyced card making workshops for children and adults all this week during our daily opening hours, so pop by with any recycled packaging you can turn into a special card! (we’ve got lots of material here too)

Tuesday 27 Oct

What’s next for Tipping Point A meeting to look at the future of tipping point, possible future events and projects. All are welcome, whether you’re a regular at Tipping Point or have just visited once!

Wednesday 28 Oct

Parents coffee morning 9am-10:30am
This week’s theme: green activities to do with your children. Parents of children of all ages are welcome, this is a relaxed space for you to share tips and stories with other parents.

KCAM meeting 7.30pm-9:30pm
The informal fortnightly meeting of Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway. This will be a practical meeting, looking at making resources for the group.

Thursday 29 Oct

Film Night 7.00pm-9:00pm
This weeks theme is ‘Carbon Trading’ featuring ‘The Carbon Connection’, ‘Cheat Neutral’ and others. The Carbon Connection follows the story of two groups of people from each community who learned to use video cameras and made their own films about living with the impacts of the carbon market. From mental health issues in Scotland to the loss of medicinal plants in Brazil, the communities discover the connections they have with each other and the film follows them on this journey.

Saturday 31th Ocotber

Halloween Crafts 11am-1pm
Creative fun for all ages Press review & letter writing 1:30-3:30pm

Sunday 1 November

Bike Maintenance 11- 1pm
Come and learn how to maintain your own bike, how to fix a puncture, adjust your gears and much more!

Direct action intro/training 3-5pm
Are you interested in learning a bit more about Direct Action, have you been inspired by the actions that have taken place in the past few weeks; swoop on Ratcliffe on Soar 17/18 Nov, and 3 anti-coal protests today at Didcot, Mainshill and Shipley, come along and lean a bit more.