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Exhibits and Displays

The displays in the shop will change over time.

Window Display Exhibition

Window Display Exhibition

The window display originally hosted a specially commissioned interactive exhibition about the opinions of the people of Gillingham. Locals were asked what they thought about climate change and Kingsnorth and their comments displayed in the window as speech bubbles. Passers by were invited to identify friends and neighbours from the drawn portraits and to have themselves added to the display.

Kent and Climate Change Exhibition

Kent and Climate Change Exhibition

Inside we have a display from the local World Development Movement group which looks at the likely impact of climate change on Kent. There is also a display being developed with the help of people who come into the shop which tracks the journey our food takes to our plates along with related waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Vesta display with signed solidarity bunting

Vesta display with signed solidarity bunting

Previous displays include one about the closure of this countries only wind turbine factory. The isle of wight production of Vestas was moved to the USA with the loss of over 600 jobs – apparently due to lack of orders despite the UK government saying it is committed to providing renewable energy and green jobs. People were invited to write messages of support for the workers.

Climate Roadshow artists depict future scenarios as the temperature rises

Another exhibition which has now gone elsewhere was the Climate Roadshow which explored ‘future scenarios’ as predicted through three lenses: science, permaculture and economics. What all future scenarios demonstrate is that humanity is now at a critical junction. The generations of people here now will either be the people who commit the most collosal moral failure in history, or we will start a massive enterprise in transition. None of us can succeed in addressing the root causes of the problem alone; but collectively, we have a window of an opportunity to act.

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  1. Bart permalink
    September 23, 2009 2:30 pm

    this sounds really interesting. Will the climate road show exhibition be there for long?

    • climateshop permalink*
      September 24, 2009 11:16 am

      We’re not really sure but the climate road show exhibition will certainly still be on display until October.

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