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Tipping Point under new management

April 1, 2010

After nine months of being used as a information point on the issue of climate change and as a hub in the campaign against Eons plans to expand coal fired power production in the UK, the Tipping Point shop is closed it’s doors for the last time yesterday. The shop is now under new management with a new remit as a community centre. As part of their corporate responsibility program, BP is funding the new project which aims to provide free tea, coffee and biscuits to local residents to offset poor community relations caused by the companies operations in other parts of the world.

Company spokesperson Joanna King explained, “We understand that our investment in environmentally destructive schemes, such as the Canadian tar sands, tends to generate a lot of bad feelings aimed at our brand. While we are not prepared to pass up such profitable opportunities, we are happy to buy biscuits for people in Medway in order to offset accusations of callous disregard to the well being of people elsewhere.”

The Tipping Point shop has been cleared of political content as part of the new sponsorship deal but the tea and coffee remains fair trade.

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