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Is climate action at a tipping point?

October 12, 2009

We’ve seen victory after victory this week and that’s just the major iconic battles. Not only have Eon and BAA temporarily thrown in the towel on both Kingsnorth and Heathrows third runway,  but we’ve also seen the rejection of the proposed agrofuels power stations Portland, Dorset and in Southall, Ealing last month. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, now we hear Hunterston has also been effectively dropped.

Yes, the plug has been pulled on crazy plans for a new coal-fired power station in Ayrshire in Scotland which would have seen a new 1,600 Mega Watt plant built next to British Energy’s nuclear plant and the deep water port facilities  in Hunterston.  However one of the partners in the project, Doug Energy,  have now pulled out of the  joint venture with Peel Energy which leaves the project too short of cash to continue.

“Due to the financial situation, which affects Dong Energy especially on the power production side – due to less sale and falling prices – Dong Energy has decided to strengthen its capital structure, which includes reducing investments in the coming years.”

Just like the Kingsnorth proposal, the new CO2 belching dinosaur at Hunterston would have replaced an existing one scheduled to shut-down in 2016.  If built it would have drastically reduced our chances of making the required cuts in CO2 emissions.

Although the recession is obviously playing a large role in all of this, it appears that the dominos are falling and climate activism reaching a tipping point in momentum. Lets hope we become unstoppable before catastrophic climate change does.

At the Tipping Point shop in Medway we’ll continue to work towards that tipping point with our regular meetings, discussions, film nights, and direct action training. Please do get involved – pop in for a chat and find out what you can do.

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