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October 8, 2009

At Tipping Point today we’ll all be chatting about the surprise Eon announcement and whether this is really as significant as it might first appear. The planning consent remains in place and it has been confirmed that as far as Eon is concerned they are still in the running to win the government competition for a billion pounds of public money to build a demonstration carbon capture and storage system at Kingsnorth by 2014. So while it’s fair to see the delays as a major victory it seems the fight is actually far from over.

Additionally, we’ve heard that an announcement is likely in days revealing that a £165 million EU cash subsidy will go to a new ‘clean’ coal plant at Hatfield near Ed Milibands Doncaster constituency. Word is that Hatfield has beaten off rival funding bids for similar schemes at Kingsnorth, Tilbury and Longannet. Eon’s failure to win such a grant may have influenced yesterdays claims that they’ll not bother to build a new Kingsnorth till perhaps 2016.

Check out the responses from the Camp for Climate Action,
from Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway (KCAM)
from the World Developement Movement
and from Protect Kent

Mainstream media commentary (via googlenews) –

Some highlights


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