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Community Harvest Project

October 7, 2009

It is estimated that up to 20% of Kent’s homes with gardens have fruit trees (often with varieties that are no longer commercially available). At least 80% of this abundant harvest goes to waste as householders struggle to cope with the glut from their gardens.
The beginning of October is the peak of the harvest for apples and to make the most of this and other surplus produce, Tipping Point is starting a community harvest project. The idea is that anyone with a surplus, be it apples or a glut of marrow or green tomatos, can give us a call and we’ll come and collect them then share it out amongst the community.

Similar to our swap shop project, it’s as much about meeting people and fostering community spirit as it is about reducing waste and getting people thinking about the consequences of our daily diet and purchasing decisions. The concept evolved from discussions at the eco-parents coffee mornings which are held every Wednesday and will compliment a new exhibition about greenhouse gas emissions from food production which we will be putting on display soon.

Anyone who has surplus for harvest, who would like to volunteer as a picker or could distribute fruit can contact us via or call 07906461584. We’ll be collecting using bikes with trailers so will be concentrating on neighborhoods within easy cycling distance from Gillingham town centre (as far afield as Rainham and Rochester) but you’re welcome to drop stuff off if you like.

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