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Kingsnorth: The Great Debate

October 2, 2009
Join us for the debate

Join us for the debate

Join us on Wednesday October 7th from 7pm at the Roffen Suite, Rochester, for an evening of exhibits, discussion and debate about dirty new Kingsnorth coal. Burning coal is the biggest single cause of climate change, yet the government is still considering giving the go-ahead to a series of dirty new coal power stations, the first of which is proposed for Kingsnorth. This public event will give YOU the chance to quiz the experts and find out what dirty new Kingsnorth coal would mean for the environment, for jobs, and for global justice. Despite assertions by energy companies such as E.ON, can carbon capture and storage really reduce carbon emissions? What would a dirty new coal power station in the UK mean for people in the developing world? And what would it mean for people in the Medway?

Come to the Roffen Suite, Rochester, on October 7th from 7pm and put your questions to the experts at a joint event organised by The World Development Movement and Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway.

A range of speakers will be joining us, including:

Tim Jones – Head of Climate Policy, The World Development Movement

Sean Furey – Deputy Director, CPRE – Kent

Claire Fauset – Researcher, Corporate Watch

Accompanied by speakers from Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway and the energy sector.

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