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What’s new at Tipping Point

September 15, 2009

There’s loads of news to tell you… we’ve been ramping up activities now that the hectic period of the climate camp is over (although the Great Climate Swoop is just four weeks away!).

Kids Paper Windmill Workshop

Kids Paper Windmill Workshop

There’s a wide range of events from kids crafts and climate change intros to free cinema and direct action training – check out the time table of events. On Sunday we started offering free bike maintenance skill-shares. This week we have the first eco-parents coffee morning (this Wednesday from 9am till 10.30am). The shop has changed around a bit and now features a kids space

Swap Shop

and the ‘swap shop‘ which is filling up fast – come take a look, take what you want and bring what you don’t. As well as all the stuff we’re doing in the shop, this week we’ll be taking part locally in the day of action in solidarity with the Vestas workers this Thursday and our film night this week will be dedicated to their struggles. Speaking of struggles, the first issue of our newsletter is out now and covers some of the other communities fighting against the return to coal – drop into the shop to pick up a copy and have a chat with us about how you can get involved.

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